Conservatives Want to Talk Star Wars

Bonnie Burton | June 1, 2009

The love for science fiction isn’t limited to political affiliation. Conservatives love to talk about Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who and more; and now they can read all the sci-fi news and rumors without any liberal bias with Republibot.

Republibot describes itself as “the science fiction site for people who aren’t Drooling Kneejerk Liberals!”

Why a conservative SF website? Because pretty much all the ones out there right now are extremely hard left. In fact, as a genre Science Fiction itself is generally rather leftist, which is not something we here at Republibot take issue with. In our minds, Science Fiction is all about asking questions and being open minded to the answers. Sometimes the answers are reassuring, sometimes they’re disturbing, and sometimes there are no answers at all, but the point is to keep asking the questions.

Read more about the site here:
Republibot Sends Sci-Fi News to the Right (via Underwire)


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