Darth Maul BBQ (Sith) Sauce?

Bonnie Burton | May 14, 2009

If you’re a red-hot Sith like Darth Maul, it only makes sense to have a BBQ sauce named after you. Behold Maull BBQ sauce!

According to the web site:

Maull’s Genuine Barbecue Sauce was first created in St. Louis, Missouri over 70 years ago from Louis Maull’s original family recipe. It is still made exactly the same way today, by the Maull family, with the same unique blend of 20 select ingredients that gives Maull’s its distinctive tangy flavor.

I wonder if one of the ingredients is anger? Only Darth Maul knows for sure.

Read more here:
The Louis Maull Company

(Thanks for the tip, klaatu!)


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