iPhone-controlled R2-D2

Bonnie Burton | May 11, 2009

Is there anything the iPhone can’t do? A talented fan decided the best way to control his life-sized astromech would be with his iPhone.

I found a way to remote control my R2-D2 with an iPhone. In the videos I demonstrate controlling a servo and the dome motor using an iPhone using the accelerometer (tilting the iPhone controls it) and using a slider control on the touch screen. Other touch screen controls are possible too such as rotary controls, buttons, XY controls, and multitouch as well as gestures.

I should be able to interface with my J.E.D.I display as well and type in text messages in the iPhone that will scroll across the front or rear logic displays. (Cue evil mad scientist laughter ) Muh ha ha ha ha!!

WATCH VIDEOS: Remote control R2-D2 with an iPhone

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SOURCE: MAKE magazine

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