Colbert Eats an Ewok!

Bonnie Burton | April 28, 2009

The Colbert Report host Stephen Colbert is often giving shout outs to Star Wars. He’s had a lightsaber duel with George Lucas. He’s urged the Nation to buy lightsabers to help the economy. And now, after promising he wouldn’t — he’s eaten an Ewok.

On this week’s “Shout Out: Kids Edition,” Colbert received a note from a viewer that said she was sad that Colbert wanted to eat an Ewok in a previous segment of The Colbert Report. Colbert was so flattered by the young fan who owned his book, CD and DVDs, that he made a solemn promise to never eat an Ewok.

Though for the record, he stated that was not intended to be a joke when he originally said that he couldn’t wait to taste Ewok. He then proceeded to tell a real Ewok joke:

COLBERT: Knock Knock
AUDIENCE: Who’s There?
AUDIENCE: Ewok who?
COLBERT: Eh wok is the best pan for sauting Ewoks!

However, right after making the promise, Colbert realized the viewer Molly was not a kid, but in fact 25 years old. He took back the promise, got out his knife and fork and ate poor dead Wicket!

Colbert had this to say with his mouth full of Ewok meat:

“You look so delicous, Wicket! It’s true! They do taste like Wookiee!”

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