Lightsaber Opera? Team | April 24, 2009

If you prefer your opera to be less classical and more like Fifth Element, you might appreciate LA Opera’s production of Richard Wagner’s Die Walküre. This unique production uses props made of neon tubes which end up looking a lot like lightsabers.

Here’s a sum-up from a review by

As you can see, this rendition of the opera kinda looks like what would happen if Clive Barker and George Lucas joined Heavens Gate. Neon, crazy costumes, smoke machines, these are all the makings of an entertaining night at the opera. There was even a mesh screen covering the stage that displayed projections during the performance.

The great thing about this show was that the reason people attended this show, for the timeless score and story of the Valkyrie, remained untouched, and is just as phenomenal as it must’ve been at its 1870 inception.

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WATCH VIDEO: LA Opera’s Die Walküre


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