Zac Efron Shows Off His Lightsaber Skills

Bonnie Burton | April 17, 2009

Last year we reported about actor Zac Efron’s epic lightsaber battle in his new movie 17 Again. With the movie hitting theaters this weekend, Zac and his castmates have been talking in their round of press junkets about how much fun it was to wield a lightsaber in the film.

Here’s a selection of some interviews where Zac talks about his love for Star Wars and his Jedi training for the film.

In this video interview with AmericanSuperstarTV, Zac talks about wanting to do a lightsaber battle on film since he was a kid.

Did you ever think you’d be a Jedi Master?

Zac: (laughs) That was another fun thing in the movie. I’ve wanted to do a legit lightsaber fight since I was 10 years old. And finally at 21, we made it happen. That’s as close as I’m gonna get.

See the entire AmericanSuperstarTV interview here:
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Check out more interviews with Zac talking about Jedi training here:

In an exclusive video interview with, Zac and his fellow actor Thomas Lennon chat about their Jedi battle scene:

I loved the fight scene with the lightsabers – Star Wars style. You actually remind me a bit of Luke Skywalker.

Zac: Thank you.

Does anyone ever say that you?

Zac: No, that’s awesome!

Thomas: You can carry off that kind of jacket. We trained for that for a very long time. Like there was a parking lot behind Arby’s where we would fight.

Zac: Looking back, it was ridiculous. These were PVC pipes!

Thomas: Zac would add more and more and more to the lightsaber battle sequence until eventually it had kicks and spins and you’d go behind the back and do stuff. And I was just trying to keep up.

Zec: At a certain point your confidence goes through the roof and that is when you truly know the Force is with you.

See the entire Iklipz interview here:
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In a video interview with, Zac and Thomas talk more about the lightsaber training:

I’m digging the Jedi fight scene that you guys did. I mean, that was so cool. And then I understand that Lucas actually cleared the use of the Star Wars stuff.

Thomas: I believe he did because there’s a tremendous amount used in the film. The lightsaber battle sequence was extremely fun. And it took a pretty long time to shoot. Like two days.

Did you guys do training for this?

Thomas: For like a month, every couple of days we’d meet in a parking lot.

Zac: For Jedi training.

Thomas: And we’d fight in the parking lot for Jedi training. And I don’t know how it didn’t end up on the Internet. Because we were out by a bunch of dumpsters just whacking each other with sticks.

Zac: People didn’t even seem to care. It’s LA.

See the entire Fandango interview here:
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