Hey, Aren’t You Anakin’s Girl?

StarWars.com Team | April 7, 2009

Once you star in a Star Wars film, you’re forever part of the legacy, meaning fans everywhere will instantly know who you are…or not. Recently, Star Wars prequels actress Natalie Portman was faced with a fan who knew her…or at least Amidala.

The 27-year-old star was rudely interrupted while shopping for groceries in LA, when a man shouted after recognizing her as the sci-fi trilogy star, but failed to remember her name.

“No one had noticed Natalie because she was dressed in a hoodie and was wearing sunglasses,” the Daily Express quoted an eyewitness as saying.

“But that changed when this busker started yelling, ‘It’s that girl from Star Wars. She played Queen Amidala. What is her name?’”

“Natalie promptly grabbed her radishes and scarpered,” the witness added.

SOURCE: Times of India

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