Jedi Stimulus Bonus? Team | March 30, 2009

Looks like the USA isn’t the only country offering a stimulus bonus to its citizens. But in Japan, their forms use sample names that seem to have a higher midichlorian count.

Star Wars fan Robert Paske writes:

So Japan is in the midst of doing a sort of stimulus payment like the US did a short time back, though it looks like the payouts are smaller. Since I’ve been in Japan long enough on a valid work visa, paying into the taxes, I get a little bit of that. I got the forms in the mail a couple days ago. Included with the application form is a sheet, mostly in Japanese but with some English, showing how to correctly fill out the form. I don’t know if this sheet was sent out to everyone or just the foreigners who qualified, but take a look at the names they used as sample names. I love this country.

See more images here:
(Jedi hand wave) You want to give me a stimulus bonus
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