How does Star Wars end?

Bonnie Burton | March 28, 2009

How well do you think you know the ending of Star Wars compared to what actually happened? Cognitive Daily wondered the same thing and decided to find out what fans would say to that question. Of course, some fans answered about A New Hope, while others thought the question included the whole Star Wars saga.

We asked if respondents knew how it ended, and while 78 percent of respondents said they knew the ending, there was a tremendous range of descriptions of the story’s end.

There were quite a few amusing responses to the “How does Star Wars end” question.

Here’s a selection:

  • Cheering all around the galaxy that they stuck Jar Jar in for no reason.
  • Luke sees Vader in all his Jedi-hologram glory and realizes his father is no longer a part of the dark side.
  • Luke and Leia are brother and sister. Gross!
  • Primitive Ewoks bring down Fascist Galactic Empire. Cuddly improbability.
  • Jedi save the galaxy! Everybody dances around on Endor.
  • Amateur fighter pilot ignores orders, listens to the voices in his head and slaughters thousands.
  • Chewbacca doesn’t get a medal.
  • It doesn’t end!

How does Star Wars end? Depends on how old you are.
(via Cognitive Daily)



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