Family GuyEmpire Spoof Update Team | March 24, 2009

Family Guy Executive producer David Goodman talks to about the upcoming Star Trek-centric episode, but he also gave a hint about the next Star Wars spoof episode.

What’s the update on Star Wars?

I think, but I’m not 100% positive, that Empire Strikes Back – that episode will air at the end of next season, and may be released before then. That movie was a very different movie from the original Star Wars, so our sequel will be a lot different and have of new characters, and a lot of great jokes that we threw in. We’re very happy with how the first one turned out, so we had to set the bar was very high for the sequel… We’re a little bit early to start on the third one, but the bar is set that much higher.

But you’ll have Ewoks for the third.

There are Ewoks to mock. And when we get to the third one and there may be characters from other shows that show up since we were sort of running out of the original show. So characters from American Dad and maybe the Cleveland Show will show up in the first one.

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