WonderCon 2009: Best Star Wars Costumes

Bonnie Burton | March 4, 2009

Even though San Francisco’s WonderCon is much smaller than the epic San Diego Comic-Con International, you literally can’t walk past a booth without bumping into a costumed fan.

Each year WonderCon gets a little bit bigger which means more and more fans dressed as superheroes, video game characters, horror film icons, steampunkers, vampires, dragons, pirates, manga and anime favorites, and of course, Star Wars characters.

As usual members of the 501st and Rebel Legion were out in full Force. Here’s a recap of some of the best Star Wars costumes we spotted at WonderCon 2009.

What a Trooper!
It just isn’t a convention without spotting 501st Legion members dressed as clone troopers and stormtroopers. The 501st always impress with their custom-made body armor, but it’s their patience with hundreds of people who want their photos taken with them every five steps that make them real troopers. If you want to learn more about the 501st Legion, check out: Inside the Fighting 501st.

Rebel, Rebel!
Next up, the Rebel Legion. These fans dress as Jedi, Rebel Pilots, Princess Leias and more. At this year’s WonderCon they could be seen hanging out with the 501st or I suppose infiltrating the Empire depending on how you look at it. If you’d like to find out more about them, visit the Official Rebel Legion site here.

Darth Vader
While The Clone Wars may be taking fandom my storm, Darth Vader still dominates all the photo ops at WonderCon. He’s not called a Sith Lord for nothing.

Princess Leia
She had attitude, smarts and one heck of a figure to pull off wearing a metal bikini and kill Jabba the Hutt while wearing it. So of course, Slave Leia’s iconic costume is always a hit with the fans at any con, whether she’s putting a rude Hutt in his place or just posing for photo ops.

The Mighty Boushh!
Princess Leia can transform from a seductive bikini-clad Jabba girl to a mysterious bounty hunter with just a mere costume change. 501st Legion member Consetta Parker shows off her costume of Leia as Boushh from Return of the Jedi.

Princess Vespa
Speaking of princesses, here’s a costume from the cult classic comedy Spaceballs of the character Princess Vespa. This outfit was made and modelled by Canadian 501st member Cassandra Munro who also makes some stunning costumes of Queen Amidala’s Return to Naboo Gown, Leia’s Ceremonial gown, Queen Amidala’s Celebration/Parade Gown, as well as impressive costumes for Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, and Moulin Rouge.

Joker Troopers?
One of the most amusing things about cons is seeing the mashup costumes from fans who like not only Star Wars, but also Batman, Doctor Who, G.I. Joe and other franchises. This Joker Squad had me wondering what kind of stormtrooper would be tempted to rob a bank.

TIE Fighter Pilot
I always think the TIE Fighter pilots have the kind of costumes I’d most likely see in an Air Force commercial to make joining the military hip for Goth kids, but maybe that’s just me. Here’s a great TIE Fighter Pilot costume that comes equipped with a not-to-scale ship.


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