Yelp Reviews: Yoda Fountain at Lucasfilm

Bonnie Burton | February 25, 2009

(Members of Kasabian pose in front of the Yoda statue at LFL.)

Even though Skywalker Ranch is off-limits, fanboys (and fangirls) everywhere can still stop by and pay homage to George Lucas in front of the Yoda fountain at Lucasfilm’s Presidio campus in San Francisco.

So many fans make the pilgrimage to Lucasfilm to see the Yoda fountain that they are now reviewing their experiences on

Here’s a few of our favorites:

Jennie T. – San Jose, CA:
It’s Yoda. He’s 900 years old and still adorable. As a woman (who already is scared of old age, biological ticking, and so forth), of course I adore it. And the scenery around Yoda is not too shabby either.

Greg G. – Alameda, CA:
Like everyone else, i had a little trouble finding Yoda at first. However, i think this is because the fountain is so small that you walk right past it. When they say this is a life size replica… they mean it.

Harry C. – San Francisco, CA:
Never knew a statue to look so wise, yet so cute and adorable. My friend noticed that others had tossed coins into the fountain and she gave me a couple, so like others before me, I made a couple wishes and tossed some coins, just like I recently did at the Palazzo in Vegas. The Yoda fountain is very well done…for me, it was definitely worth the trip to find him. There was a certain calmness, a peaceful serenity standing there in front of him. I don’t know who the artist was, but they totally captured the essence of Yoda perfectly.

Teddy B. – San Francisco, CA:
The life-size Jedi stands elevated within a small fountain with sheets of water cascading from his perch. The Force (of water) flows strongly. It’s a serene place surrounded by a pristine landscape and a Starbux around the corner. Could there exist a more romantic spot for a first kiss? Mmm. Just a thought, wouldn’t it be whack if Yoda’s eyes were security cameras and the IT geeks were having a big ha ha over all the nerds that flock there? Not me, other nerds.

Janel Y. – Atherton, CA:
Tip: to find him, enter from the street entrance, walk up the hill, past the statue of some guy you’ll see a path. Walk down that path and to your right, Yoda you will find.

Judy L. – San Francisco, CA:
I threw a penny in. Now, does this mean I get microscopic bacteria embedded in me to gain the Force? Or do I get 3 wishes?

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