Toy Fair 2009: Diamond Select Toys

Pete Vilmur | February 16, 2009


We have to admit that Diamond Select’s quarter-scale series just keeps getting better and better. The sculpting is extremely accurate and the clothing really steps up the quality factor on these sizable additions to the Star Wars collecting hobby.

We were able to sneak a peek at some upcoming entries from this quickly-growing series, two of which really impressed me — Mace Windu not only looks spot on to the character’s appearance in the films, his robes look in-scale as well, not an easy accomplishment when it comes to mimicking the natural folds and wrinkles of fabric. Diamond’s red-robed Palpatine also knocks one out of the park, with a very rich feel appropriate for his royal Imperial status. Again, the larger scale and talented designers have made the fabrics appear true to scale, which really enhances the appeal of this line.

Check out a few photos from Diamond Select’s showroom at Toy Fair here


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