Toy Fair 2009: Hasbro Vehicles, Role Play and Games Team | February 15, 2009


While vehicles usually top the list of wants for Star Wars toy fans and collectors (did you see our previous post for the new Turbo Tank — wow!!), the item that really impressed us this turn from Hasbro was actually a new role play toy — the Clone Commander Blaster. Hasbro took the idea of “Build Your Own Lightsaber” and translated it into a pretty nifty (and sizeable at 2.5 feet long!) blaster rifle that can come apart, be reconfigured, and includes light and sound effects when your re-attach the parts! Some pretty cool features that are new to the Star Wars toy galaxy that should please a lot of younger fans (and older — we couldn’t get enough of it!)


Also pretty nifty was a remote-controlled Clone Wars Artoo that sports many of the same features as the small Japanese version released a few years ago but now much bigger — more on the scale of the 12-inch figure line, actually (although this is a Clone Wars deco’d version of the fiesty astromech). Finally, a new lightsaber, called “Duel Action”, actually might as well be called “Dual Action” — a second saber is hidden in the hilt and can be pulled out and attached to the end for a double-bladed saber. Pretty sneaky sis!

There are also two new additions to the Star Wars Transformers line (actually, these are Clone Wars entries), as well as a bunch of new games and 3D puzzles. Be sure to check these out, as well as Hasbro’s new vehicles plus all the rest of our photo coverage of the 2009 Toy Fair!

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