Learn Japanese with Yoda

StarWars.com Team | February 10, 2009

Everyone already knows Yoda is one heck of a teacher when it comes to the ways of the Jedi, but did you know he’s not too shabby in the language department? One fan thinks he’s ideal in helping students learn Japanese, and has made a tutorial to aid you in your linguistics.

How would he say “It is a pen?” That’s right, he’d say “Pen it is.” The same goes for Japanese. If you just took the vocab from the above, how would you say “it is a pen” in Japanese, using Yoda grammar?

English: It is a pen
Yoda: Pen it is
Japanese: Pen desu

You can replace “Pen” with anything you want now! “Neko desu” (it is a cat). “Inu desu” (it is a dog). You’re only limited now by vocabulary, which is easy to look up. This pattern applies to past, negative, and past negative tense as well.

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