Chewbacca is Milo Ventimiglia’s Co-pilot Team | February 5, 2009

(Photo credit: Just Jared)

We already knew the Force was strong with Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia, but when we spotted photos of him in his personally-designed Yoda T-shirt and hanging out with Chewbacca at the GenArt Beverly Hills screening of Fanboys, that just drove the point home even further. Now if we could just get Milo suited up in stormtrooper armor, we’d be set! (I’m looking at you, 501st Legion! Hint Hint!)

Check out the rest of the photos here:
Milo Ventimiglia Meets Chewbacca (via Just Jared)

Be sure to read more about Milo’s love for Star Wars here:
Milo Ventimiglia: Lightsabers, Luke and Heroes (via

Check out this video of Milo wielding a lightsaber here:
Milo Ventimiglia’s Lightsaber Duels (via

And this video of Milo getting ready for New York Comic-Con:
Milo Ventimiglia’s Trooper Assistant

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