Fanboys Fess Up Team | February 4, 2009 talks to Fanboys actors Dan Fogler, Sam Huntington and Chris Marquette about their own Star Wars obsessions, working with Lando and Princess Leia, their feelings about The Phantom Menace, shooting at Skywalker Ranch, and more.

Out of all of the actors that do cameos in the movie, who was the one you were most excited about and enjoyed working with, Dan?
Dan: Billy Dee Williams was really cool, he was so cool, and I was just being like, ‘I was Lando Calrissian on my block when I was a child.’ And of course seeing Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia, who has this Hollywood history, and then seeing her on set joking around with us as a normal human being was amazing. That was the coolest part was to see that these legends are just people.

If you were speaking to a true Star Wars fan, why should they go see this movie?
Dan: I think, from the beginning to end, they will find numerous things that will warm their hearts. It’s so nostalgic, it pays homage to not just Star Wars but I guess all the movies that I watched growing up, and I also think they’ll identify with a lot of the characters and they’ll see themselves in it. There isn’t a movie out there that is for them, that reveres them.

Fanboys Fess Up: Sam Huntington, Chris Marquette and Dan Fogler


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