One Death Star for $15 Septillion?!

Bonnie Burton | February 3, 2009

As fans already learned, the Death Star isn’t only huge, it’s apparently easily destroyed. Kinda makes you wonder how much it would cost to construct a Death Star of your very own. Luckily, someone else figured it out. Ryszard Gold considered the Death Star’s size, the price to launch it into space, and all the air you need to fill it so you and your own Tarkin BFF can run up and down the passageways.

Add it all up, and we have a figure of exactly:
$15,602,022,489,829,821,422,840,226 and 94 cents.
Tell you what, I’ll pitch in the 94 cents.

That is a lot of money. Wait, no that’s a disgustingly large sum of money. How much exactly? $15 Septillion, I told you. But how can we conceive of that number? Well, the figures I could find for the World Economic Value were pretty general, around $14 Trillion USD. In other words, the DS would cost 1.11 TRILLION times the amount of money available in the world, that’s not even including the fact that the majority of that is digital and not physical.

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One Death Star for $15 Septillion? What a deal!


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