George Takei Talks Clone Wars

Bonnie Burton | January 20, 2009

Starting this Friday, George Takei will be the voice of a new villain, Lok Durd, on Star Wars: Clone Wars. Takei recently chatted with Newsarama about his role on the animated series and how his voice hold some serious weight.

“They seem to think my voice is ‘fat.’ That it sounds ‘obese.’ In fact, grotesquely obese,” Takei laughed. “They showed me a drawing of the character I was supposed to voice and the first thing I thought was ‘Oh no! Not again!’ because I had done the voice of the First Ancestor in Disney’s Mulan. That was also a huge, enormously obese character. Lok Durd is also immensely obese.”

“Then when I saw the finished product I couldn’t help but realize it was amazingly well done. He’s just extremely flabby and loose he is. It made me wonder why I do all the sit ups, push ups and other exercises I really do when they think of that kind of character for my voice. I mean when Lok Durd moves, you can see his stomach, arms and legs, all his flesh, just jiggle. The animation is just amazing! Oh, the vanity of an actor!”

Read full interview here:
From ‘Trek’ to ‘Wars’: George Takei on Clone Wars (via Newsarama)


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