Trooper at Coming of Age Day Team | January 14, 2009

(photo by Andrew Lee)

Tokyo Trooper Danny Choo recently blogged about his appearance at Coming of Age Day in Japan on his blog complete with some really great photos too!

Yesterday was a public holiday known as “Seijin no Hi” [成人の日] or “Coming of Age Day” where those who have turned 20 are declared adults meaning they can now do SDV (Smoke, Drink and Vote). In the past, the coming of age day was celebrated only among samurai families – for boys it was between 12-16 and for girls it was between 12-14 (Wikipedia). Went with writer and art director comrade Andrew Lee (who took these pics) out n about to look for fluffy rabbits – and we found many.

Read all about it here: Seijin Shiki



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