Matt Wood Talks Clone Wars Team | January 9, 2009

IF Film chatted recently with supervising sound editor and voice actor Matthew Wood about his sound design work on The Clone Wars TV series.

Talk about the process, who does what for sound?
We still divide the labor: One persona does dialogue. Another does foley, which is all the sound effects which as too specific to be found in our library, like footsteps and clothing movement and utensils and things like that. And then we have a sound effects person and a music editor. I think you have a lot more opportunities to create better sound design with the computers, ’cause you have everything data-based at your fingertips and also the manipulation of the process.

And you’re also “on-screen talent” so to speak, in Clone Wars.
I also act in the series. I play the voice of General Grievous and the battle droids. A lot of that wouldn’t have been possible without, y’know the computer technology I have to manipulate my voice to sound a certain way.

From the bad guy to those Marx Bros. comical droids.
Yes, those guys. I’ve done a few bit parts here and there for Star Wars over the years. But Grievous was the big one I got cast for in Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith. I thought the character was dead since they killed him off, but now since this takes place in the timeline when he was alive, they’ve brought him back for a few episodes and it’s been fun to play him again. And the battle droids were something I had done, Ben Burtt and I had recorded them for the prequels and so I just continue doing that on Clone Wars.

Read the full interview here:
Matthew Wood Makes the Sounds of Star Wars: The Clone Wars
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