Found on eBay: African Ewoks Poster Art

Pete Vilmur | December 12, 2008


We caught this item on eBay a few weeks ago and thought it was pretty cool. According to the seller’s description, movie posters in some West African regions hand-painted oversize movie posters back in the day in order to travel with the film as it toured several theater venues. From the description:

The artist had the freedom to add or change scenes seen or not seen in the film in order to make the poster more attractive!…These posters were rolled or folded and easy to move around with the mobile Cinema…The profits of the mobile Cinema operators were also reduced and they were not able to afford the “expensive” talented artist to paint their signboards anymore!

This artwork is actually based on a similar poster used internationally for the video release of Battle for Endor in 1986, although in this instance the artist’s sense of proportion appears a bit skewed (we’ve heard of strong-headed heroes, but big-headed?). Gladly, the piece was successfully sold to one lucky bidder who might want to proudly display it over the living room sofa.

Or not.


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