Stormtrooping Akihabara

Bonnie Burton | December 4, 2008

Tokyo Trooper Danny Choo not only dances in the streets wearing his gear, he’s also one heck of a tour guide. Web icon Joi Ito and Ellen Levy from Silicon Valley Connect hang out with Choo as he escorts them around the geektastic section of Tokyo called Akihabara. They visit electronics stores, meet maids and hang out at karaoke clubs.

Joi Ito says:

As part of the “cultural program” we decided to take a tour of Akihabara, the mecca of all things otaku, anime and electronic in Japan. I asked a very special friend, Danny Choo, son of the famous shoe designer Jimmy Choo, to lead the tour. I call Danny “The Prince of Akihabara”. He is one of the world’s experts on Japan’s otaku culture and has one of the most popular English language websites about Japan. One of his favorite things is to dress up as a stormtrooper and spread his love and happiness in Akihabara.

WATCH VIDEO: Stormtrooping Akihabara (BoingBoingTV)

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