Found on Ebay: Ultimate Ultimate Hasbro Falcon

Pete Vilmur | December 2, 2008


Think Hasbro’s new Millennium Falcon toy was a huge cut above the original 1970′s version? Well, it looks like one enthusiast has upped the stakes and served up a professionally detailed, screen-accurate version of the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy by enhancing the toy with some model-weathering know-how.

From the auction description:

This craft has been totally repainted by a professional and is now screen accurate! Lots of time and detail went it to authenticating the Falcon right down to is grill vents. References come from many sources to include Magic of Myth and productions stills. The cockpit is repainted to match up with the screen version and looks awesome! Pictures just don’t do this auction justice! The entrance ramp was repainted to look more like the movie version! Med bay was painted to look more realistic and most of the Falcon was weathered to give it that rustic feel that the ship truly had!

The auction closed without any bidders, but we’ll admit, we were pretty tempted to pick this up for the Online office! Check out the original auction here.


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