The Week That Was (Nov. 24-29) Team | December 1, 2008


It was a short week, what with the Thanksgiving holiday, but there was still enough content to cover your plate. A look back at what you may have missed on last week when you weren’t either bargain-hunting or in a food coma.


  • CLONE WARS / VIDEO: The preview video for the next episode of Clone Wars posts, and it looks to be a real good one. Paul Dini (from every awesome DC cartoon ever made) pens an episode featuring Asajj Ventress. But, you’ll have to wait till the first week in December due to the holiday.
  • BOOKS: Del Rey and SharedBooks now give you an option of tricking out your copy of Star Wars: Millennium Falcon with a few “special modifications.”
  • KIDS: Ever wanted a huggable bantha? Admit it, and then follow these step-by-step instructions on making one.


  • KIDS / VIDEO GAMES: Since EG-05 won’t ever sit still long enough for you to draw the lightsaber-wielding droid, artist Brent Woodside does us all a solid by providing steps on how to draw this featured warrior from Star Wars The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels.
  • VIDEO GAMES: Brooks Brown arms you with the Wii lightsaber tips you’ll need to challenge any family members. Grandma talks a good game, but can she bring it?


  • No updates as we’re far too busy candying yams.


  • KIDS: An oldie but a goodie. Back in 1983, National Public Radio sent out these Yoda stew recipes as part of the press materials promotion The Empire Strikes Back Radio Dramatization. Follow these steps to making rootleaf stew.
  • COLLECTING: Topps lifts the lid on a number of rejected Star Wars Galaxy pieces that tread on pre-prequel forbidden territory. Being good environmental citizens, they’re recycling that art as part of their upcoming long-awaited fourth series of Galaxy cards. If you believe the Return of the Jedi script, Jabba was supposedly killing Jedi when being one meant something? I wonder what that looked like….


  • CLONE WARS / VIDEO: Clone Wars Episode #8: Bombad Jedi starts streaming on


  • Not a darn thing.


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