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Brooks Brown | November 26, 2008

With the latest update to our 360′s worldwide, one of the odder features is the inclusion of ‘Mii-Like’ avatars. Sure, some of us bounced through the process very fast since we’ve been through it a dozen times with family on the household Wii. But some creative people decided to take it a step further.

One of my favorite gaming sites of late, Games Radar, decided to collect their favorites and show them to us. The Pris (remember her from Blade Runner?) and the Neo from The Matrix are good. But I’m not here for them. As they note – the hairstyles included are minimal, yet somehow – some way – they found room for historic buns.

LeiavatarIt is worth heading over to their site to see the rest of them. Spock, Mr. T, and even a really, really creepy Michael Jackson. That one might be going too far.

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