Give Thanks You’re Not a Skywalker

Bonnie Burton | November 25, 2008

As Thanksgiving Day approaches and you shudder to think about what family debate topic will inevitably bubble up as you stuff yourself with mashed potatoes and pie, at least you can feel comforted to know your dad won’t blow up your home planet or chop off your hand. takes a look at the worst dysfunctional families in science fiction, with of course the Skywalkers making the list.

The Skywalkers (Star Wars): The Skywalkers are more or less the gold standard for family dysfunction. Putting aside that twins Luke and Leia have the hots for one another, Papa Vader chopped off Luke’s hand, nearly killed him, and annihilated Leia’s entire home planet. Makes those family dinners pretty awkward.

Adding Han Solo’s DNA to the family tree doesn’t improve matters, as his Force-sensitive offspring Jaina and Jacen just end up battling to the death.

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