The Week That Was (Nov. 17 – 23) Team | November 23, 2008

Has the world gone topsy-turvy? The primary focus of this week revolved around two subjects: Jar Jar Binks and The Star Wars Holiday Special. Rivers of uber-serious fanboy tears were undoubtedly shed, but for those capable of relaxing and enjoying the entire superburrito that is Star Wars had a tasty meal of content to savor this week on, with an extra heaping helping of cheese. Let’s take a look back at the week that was, okiday?


As an aside, this spellchecker I’m using takes issue with topsy-turvy, but gives superburrito a pass. Huh.


  • FANS / BLOGS: Fan Club member “Stooge” heads down memory lane and soon has a lot of company as folks everywhere start recalling where they were 10 years ago, November 17, 1998, when the Episode I teaser trailer debuted in theaters.
  • SAGA: Don’t say we didn’t warn you. “The Star Wars Holiday Special” turns 30 years old this day, and a kickoff article notes everything that’s in the works for this week, and serves as a handy anchorpoint for navigating to these articles for those so inclined.
  • SAGA: The first Holiday Special article, a multi-part interview series by Ross Plesset that originally appeared in the awesomely offbeat periodical Filmfax. In this first installment, co-screenwriter Lenny Ripps drops a bombshell that Han is married to a Wookiee, director Dave Acomba is remarkably frank about difficulties encountered in making the special, while director Steve Binder talks about directing endless scenes of Wookiee chatter.
  • CLONE WARS / VIDEO:The standard 30-second preview for this week’s The Clone Wars episode, “Bombad Jedi,” gives a taste of what’s to come.
  • CLONE WARS: Co-writer Kevin Rubio and director Jesse Yeh talk about “Bombad Jedi.”
  • KIDS / VIDEO GAMES: Worried about Wii-wear? Keep your Wiimotes in fighting shape with this DIY-lightsaber-shaped cozy, perfect for stowing your remotes when not playing Star Wars The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels.


  • SAGA / COLLECTING: Even the Holiday Special has associated merchandise. Who knew? Resident collecting expert Pete Vilmur, knew, of course, and offers a tour of ten rare Holiday Special-themed items from the past 30 years.
  • FANS / COLLECTING: Star Wars Insider, the official Star Wars magazine from Titan Magazines, is holding a sweepstakes with a variety of cool prizes, including  a full-sized Gentle Giant animated Leia statue that is far easier to explain away to the missus with, “hey, I won it a contest.”
  • SAGA / VIDEO: A rarity no one ever expected to see: the original storyboard animatic to the animated segment of “The Star Wars Holiday Special,” the Nelvana-produced cartoon that introduced Boba Fett to the world. The Nelvana animatic is a fascinating work-in-progress, with a hilarious R2-D2 impression performed by a Nelvana staffer.


  • SAGA: The Holiday Special retrospective continues with a Filmfax interview with Patty Maloney, who played Lumpy, Chewie’s son. Also in the interview, the late great Stan Winston, responsible for the creation of the new Wookiees in the special.
  • KIDS: Cynthia Cummens-Narcisi offers step-by-step instructions on drawing a Wookiee family, just in time for you to send out handmade Wookiee Life Day cards to confused grandparents.
  • CLONE WARS / BOOKS: This week’s Clone Wars webcomic, “Departure,” takes place right before “Bombad Jedi.” Illustrated by Jeff Carlisle, it is written by a smarty pants who does something clever with Jar Jar, C-3PO, and two con-men cameo appearances from Attack of the Clones.


  • SAGA: The mega-article reprint from Filmfax continues, this time illustrated with some very cool, never-before-published Ralph McQuarrie art. Interviewed in this installment is McQuarrie, Art Director Brian Bartholemew, and Assistant Art Director Leslie Parsons.
  • CLONE WARS: A breaking HoloNet News report: Rodia is attacked by pirates!
  • SAGA: More Holiday Special archaeology as Pete Vilmur uncovers actual props and artifacts from the 1978 special. Includes photos of such items as animation art, scripts, Wookiee bits, and Lumpy’s portable tape deck.


  • CLONE WARS: Duel of the Droids” starts streaming on
  • SAGA / FANS: When it comes to the Holiday Special, we’re Lumpy-Come-Latelys compared to SKot Kirkwood, webmaster of the only site truly dedicated to “The Star Wars Holiday Special.”
  • GAMES: Star Wars Galaxies expands once again, offering players of the game to re-enact the Battle of Hoth. Imperial walkers on the north ridge!
  • COLLECTING: Collectors, start your engines. StarWarsShop is offering deep discounts on Black Friday, November 28. The sales are even bigger if you’re a Hyperspace member.
  • CLONE WARS: The full episode guide for “Bombad Jedi” posts, with plenty of concept art, trivia and more.
  • CLONE WARS / VIDEO: This week’s online video commentary has Dave Filoni talk about the transition of Jar Jar from live action to animation, and how the Binks & C-3PO comedy hour is an inevitability waiting to happen.


  • No update, as we’re all to busy squealing over oh so pretty vampires. Till next week.


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