The Week That Was (Nov. 10 – 16) Team | November 16, 2008

A good week for those with HD TVs — The Clone Wars animated feature arrives on Blu-Ray, the first Star Wars movie to do so. Meanwhile, on television, The Clone Wars continues with another solid installment, especially those with an unabashed R2-D2 hero worship thing going on, and Seth, Matt and the folks at Stoopid Monkey / Adult Swim bring Star Wars back to Robot Chicken. Here’s a recap of the content on this past week:



  • KIDS / BOOKS: Workman Publishing Group presents the Star Wars Fandex, a sourcebook / flashcard hybrid that lets you test and build your Star Wars knowledge. Fun for the whole geeky family.
  • CLONE WARS: A 30-second preview for “Duel of the Droids” posts in the video section, while a preview article talks about the dissection of R2-D2.



  • COLLECTING: Licensing sends out a press release reminding people of the existence of Holiday gift-giving and that there may be a Star Wars product or two available.
  • MEDIA / VIDEO: Another Robot Chicken clip, this time an exclusive for a few minutes, featuring Admiral Ackbar.
  • COLLECTING: Pete Vilmur excavates the Lucasfilm Licensing Archive once again to uncover international Droids and Ewoks collectibles. Nous somme les E-E-E-E-E-E-Ewoks!
  • COLLECTING / BLOG: Found on eBay: a number of Clone Wars action figures signed by the crew, with auction proceeds benefiting the Heifer Foundation.


  • CLONE WARS / BOOKS: The weekly new Clone Wars comics lands on a Thursday this week. Discount, illustrated by Grant Gould, stars Gha Nachkt and features Passel Argente doing something other than dying.
  • CLONE WARS / VIDEO GAMES: The Nintendo DS game Jedi Alliance is chock-full of Star Wars storytelling, and Brooks Brown reveals 18 fun facts about the game to discreetly drop in the company of learned gentry at your next cotillion or Fête champêtre.
  • ROCKS / MEDIA: Seth Green and Matt Senreich are back lampooning Star Wars with their Robot Chicken action figures, and we interviewed them about their latest TV special.


  • CLONE WARS: “Duel of the Droids” airs, in which General Grievous would have undoubtedly gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling Jedi. The episode guide expands with a full synopsis, trivia and memorable quotes, and a gallery of images and concept art to browse.
  • CLONE WARS / VIDEO: For those who can’t tear themselves away from their computers to watch television, episode #6 of The Clone Wars, Downfall of a Droid” streams on
  • CLONE WARS / VIDEO: Continuity-minded fans fretful of the galaxy-shattering paradox that would arise should Anakin and Grievous ever meet face-to-face in the Clone Wars series should watch this commentary and learn to relax.


  • BOOKS: Chronicle Books wants to know how obsessed you are. They’re hosting a contest calling for photo submissions.

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