More Yoda Sketchbook Portraits

Bonnie Burton | November 12, 2008

(Yoda sketch by Simpsons’ creator Matt Groening)

If you are still in awe over Fantagraphics Web Editor Mike Baehr’s Yoda Sketchbook featuring drawings from comic book icons such as Daniel Clowes, Lynda Barry, Tony Millionaire, Adrian Tomine, Gilbert Hernandez, Craig McCracken, and Mary Fleener, get ready to be impressed further.

Looks like Mike has some more amazing portraits of Yoda to add to the collection, and are now up on his Flickr set for our viewing pleasure. I met Mike face to face at this year’s Alternative Press Expo (APE) in San Francisco, and got to see the sketchbook in person. And let me just say it’s packed with truly creative renditions of our favorite Jedi Master!

Mike writes:

I’ve got the APE Yodas scanned and uploaded, including Matt Groening (WOO HOO) and a bunch of other great ones (Tom Neely: CRAZY; Lilli Carre: GORGEOUS) plus, fresh from last night, Bill Griffith (it’s a hybrid Yoda/Zippy)!

Check out the new Yoda portraits here:
Yoda convention sketchbooks

(Yoda/Zippy Sketch by Bill Griffith)

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