The Week That Was (Nov 3 – 9) Team | November 8, 2008

A historic week in some quarters, and a busy week too on as Clone Wars returns to the air after taking the previous Friday off to trick or treat. Is this now a regular running weekly recap of content? We’ll see. But without further ado, here’s what the last week on the site looked like.



  • CLONE WARS: In a teaser article about “Downfall of a Droid,” writer George Krstic describes his fondness for R2-D2.
  • BOOKS / KIDS: Scholastic is launching a new book series in January, Rebel Force, which takes place in the 10 previously unexplored minutes immediately after the Battle of Yavin. Luke, Han and Leia return to the spotlight, for a new generation of kids to discover what their parents keep going on and on about.
  • MOVIES: Someone at realizes that Monday’s date is 11/3/08 (We was apparently asleep at the wheel on 1/13/08) and digs up an old fossil from 2004 about finding THX easter eggs in Star Wars. It’s been updated with the long-missing Return of the Jedi reference.


  • COLLECTING: StarWarsShop is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the abominable Star Wars Holiday Special by offering exclusive trading cards of the show’s redeeming feature: the animated segment that introduced everyone to Boba Fett.
  • FANS / BOOKS: The latest Star Wars Insider – issue #105 — comes out, and has a feature excerpt, an interview with Adrienne Wilkinson, who plays the moody Maris Brood in The Force Unleashed.


  • COLLECTING: Poster expert Pete Vilmur digs through the Lucasfilm Archives and uncovers some rare gems in the poster gallery, including one with an Ewok riding a skateboard. Score!


  • KIDS / COLLECTING: Bonnie Burton’s toasty brainchild is finally available at StarWarsShop: a Darth Vader toaster. Celebrate the toasty goodness with some custom recipes. We can’t believe it’s not Mustafar lava.
  • CLONE WARS / BOOKS: The latest web comic finally arrives, The Fall of Falleen. What’s this? The Separatists actually win something?


  • CLONE WARS: An interview with Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano. Find out how blowing an audition may be good for your career.
  • GAMES / VIDEO: A commercial for The Clone Wars: Jedi Alliance, the only Clone Wars adventure you’ll be able to play on the bus.
  • KIDS / BOOKS: Editor (and friend of the site) Jonathan Bresmen talks about the latest MAD Kids issue, that pokes at The Clone Wars.
  • CLONE WARS: The full episode guide for “Downfall of a Droid” goes up, including over 30 widescreen shots from the episode (including, evidently, stuff cut from the final broadcast), behind-the-scenes art, and trivia. That ATTE RUL3Z! callout totally makes sense now.
  • VIDEO / CLONE WARS: In this week’s video commentary, Dave Filoni talks about the pungent trader Trandoshan, Gha Nachkt, and why he doesn’t look (or smell) a thing like Bossk.


  • CLONE WARS / BOOKS: Wait. We publish on Saturdays now? Target will be carrying an exclusive edition of the Clone Wars DVD next week that comes bundled with Shipyards of Doom with a unique cover, featuring their red “Target” clone.

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