Hologram News Coverage from CNN

StarWars.com Team | November 5, 2008

During last night’s election CNN unveiled their hologram technology to beam in correspondents Star Wars-style. Think of Anderson Cooper as R2-D2 and Obama supporter and musician Wil.I.Am as Princess Leia (minus the hair buns) and you get the idea. As Wil.I.Am says, “I’m being beamed to you like it’s Star Wars and stuff.”

Cooper and Wil.I.Am weren’t the only ones using the holograms to chit chat about the election. CNN new correspondent Wolf Blitzer also gave it a go.

Check out Cooper and Wil.I.Am as they geek out on CNN here:
CNN Can’t Stop Pimping Its Election-Night Holographic Toy

(via io9.com)

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