Falling in Love with Karen Traviss’ Clones

Bonnie Burton | October 31, 2008

It’s no secret that our friends over at the sci-fi blog io9.com dig Star Wars, but this is the first time one of them openly admitted to falling in love with clones — mainly from the books written by author Karen Traviss.

io9.com blogger Charlie Jane Anders writes:

I’ve watched a fair bit of the new Clone Wars TV show, but the world of the clones hasn’t ever felt as real to me as it has reading Traviss’ novels. In particular, her Republic Commando novels (which recently continued with Order 66) and her novelization of the Clone Wars movie are must-reads.

It’s her Republic Commando novels where Traviss really shines, showing clones having complex lives — complex in the sense of getting married, having kids, making plans, but also in the sense of having inner conflicts and problems. Based loosely on a first-person shooter game, Traviss’ novels build a set of characters that stay with you, including two lapsed (or lapsing) Jedi, who join up with a group of clone troopers that realizes the Republic and the Separatists are getting harder and harder to tell apart.

Read the full review here:
(Spoilery for those who want to read the books)
Why I Fell In Love With Karen Traviss’ Clones (io9.com)


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