Starbucks Star Wars Craft Challenge

Bonnie Burton | October 24, 2008

When I saw this awesome TIE fighter made from Starbucks stuff, my creative Force powers started to tingle. Wired magazine contributing photographer Dan Winters made this impressive TIE Fighter with 1 tall lid, 10 coffee boxes, 12 sample cups, 37 grande cups, 63 drink holders and 216 stirrers!

“The ribbing on the drink holders reminded me of solar panels,” Winters says. “That instantly registered ‘TIE fighter’ in my head.”

You can read more about this craft here:
Contest: Make Art From Starbuck’s Junk (

Of course, I can’t help but wonder what other Starbucks materials would make interesting Star Wars ships, vehicles, creatures and characters. So this is a challenge to all Star Wars fans out there to make something fun out of all those Starbucks lids, paper and plastic beverage containers, stirrers, spoons, straws and so on.

I’ll be diligently working on my statue of IG-88 made of clear Starbucks plastic glasses and straws. Just you wait!

Here’s a scene from the Starbucks near the Lucasfilm campus in San Francisco, for those of you who need extra encouragement. May the Latte Be with You!


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