DIY Yoda Pumpkin

Bonnie Burton | October 17, 2008

words: Bonnie Burton

Star Wars fan and mother Mindy Scott got into the Halloween spirit and made this festive pumpkin to surprise her kids with a one-of-a-kind tribute. chats with her to find out how she made this awesome Yoda Holiday Pumpkin.

Why did you decide to make a Yoda Holiday Pumpkin?

I decided to do Yoda because my boys, Benjamin (5) and Matthew (3), are extreme fans of Star Wars. My son, Matthew, hums the theme to Star Wars at least three times a day. They are dressing up like Obi-Wan and the orange clone trooper for our Fall Festival. I wanted to surprise them with a pumpkin that stayed in theme with their costumes. They were so excited when they woke up and saw Yoda, they wanted to fight him with their lightsabers.

How did you make it? What materials did you use?

To make this pumpkin we purchased a medium-size pumpkin. First, I used the Americana paint, Celery Green, and painted the whole pumpkin. My husband used clay and molded the ears (based off a picture we found on the internet of Yoda). I used clay as well to make the eyes, nose and mouth. I used a pen to draw some of the lines on his eyes and mouth to make him look wrinkled. Tacky Glue was used to make the ears stick to the pumpkin. Then, I painted over the ears, mouth, nose and eyes with the celery green and used black paint to make the eyeballs. Lastly, I used an old dryer sheet and pulled it apart to make the white hair and used a light glue to stick it on.

Do you have tips for crafty fans who want to make their own Yoda pumpkin?
Make sure when you make the clay ears to thin out the clay. We put them on really thick first and since they were so heavy, they fell off. Put your take on Yoda and have fun. This was so much fun for me to make because I knew my boys would be excited. My kids bring out the child in me during the holidays.

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