Bones Name Drops Sith Lords

Bonnie Burton | October 10, 2008

(Actor John Francis Daley on Bones)

Watch enough TV and you’re bound to notice a few Star Wars references. In Season 3 of the hit FOX crime show Bones, the team contemplates the Sith Lord and Apprentice relationship in conjunction with the Widow’s Son serial killer. Actor John Francis Daley, who Star Wars fans might remember as the lead in director Patrick Read Johnson’s film 5-25-77, now called ’77, also plays psychological profiler Dr. Lance Sweets on Bones. He’s also the character who clues in the Squints and FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth about the Star Wars connection.


“It’s like the Sith Lords, man, there’s always only two of them.” – Dr. Sweets
“Did you just Star Wars us?” – Agent Seeley

The Sith conversation occurs around 17:30 in the episode.

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