Star Trek Movie Influenced by Star Wars

Bonnie Burton | October 4, 2008

Speaking with, Star Trek scriptwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman swap thoughts about their personal obsession with the Trek canon, the premise that put J.J. Abrams in the director’s chair and the brainstorm sessions with Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof that brought some Star Wars mojo to the Star Trek mythology.

Excerpt: J.J. Abrams makes no secret that he’s more of a Star Wars guy and not so much into Star Trek, but you two were full-tilt fans.

Orci: In terms of fandom, yeah, and Damon too is a fanatic – we’re not going to drop the ball out of ignorance. Nobody can say that we don’t know Star Trek. There might be some things we do that people could question, where they go, “I hate them for some other reasons,” but they can’t say, “They didn’t know their stuff.”

Orci: And it’s controversial to even mention Star Wars and Star Trek in the same sentence, but Alex said, “We have to bring more Star Wars into Star Trek.”

Kurtzman: (joke-coughing) Original Star Wars.

Orci: Original Star Wars. I want to feel the space, I want to feel speed and I want to feel all the things that can become a little bit lost when Star Trek becomes very stately — which I love about it , but….

Kurtzman: Star Trek is often the space equivalent of sub battles, which is what makes it unique and different from Star Wars, so you can’t blow that away, either.

Orci: It’s somewhere between that the truth lies.

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