“How I Met your Mother”: Dating a Star Wars newbie

StarWars.com Team | September 22, 2008

Those of you who have ever dated someone who’s never seen Star Wars might find the season premiere episode of “How I Met your Mother” rather interesting.

All the guys on the show — Ted, Marshall and Barney — are all huge Star Wars fans. You may remember Barney had a life–sized stormtrooper in his apartment in Season 2! And they are shocked to find out that Ted’s current girlfriend has never even seen the movie. They are not sure if their friend Ted can be with someone who never saw Star Wars. And hilarity ensues.

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Oddly enough, many fans have come across the mythic Star Wars newbie while searching for their true love. Comedian Bill Hader had to break up with one girl who never heard of Star Wars but then married a crafty lady who made curtains out of Star Wars bedsheets — FTW!

In high school, Hader took his then girlfriend to see one of his favorites in the saga — The Empire Strikes Back – with mixed results. “I went with a bunch of my friends to see a midnight screening The Empire Strikes Back Special Edition,” Hader recalls. “Fans were dressed up in costumes and everyone was excited to see the film. I brought this girl I had started dating with us since she said she’d never seen a Star Wars film before. I filled her in on the storyline from A New Hope and said she should just enjoy watching it and not get too caught up in the plot. So as the movie starts in Hoth, and as the characters show up onscreen, she turns to me and gasps loudly, ‘Hey! I didn’t know Harrison Ford was in this!’ And it got super quiet and some guy in the back of the theater then said, ‘Who the hell just said that?’ And then everybody in the theater groaned and starting booing my date. Obviously, we’re not dating anymore.”

But his love for Star Wars also helped him find romance along the way. “My wife is a hardcore Star Wars fan,” Hader smiles. “When I first met her she had made window curtains from her vintage Star Wars bed sheets. And I think I said to her, ‘I hope you don’t think this is kind of weird, but I might start stalking you.’”

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