Hiro Channeling Anakin for “Heroes” Season 3

StarWars.com Team | September 19, 2008

“Heroes” actor Masi Oka revealed that his character Hiro Nakamura could very will be like Anakin Skywalker by turning to the dark side in the next season of “Heroes” called “Villains.”

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Is Hiro tempted to turn evil this season?
Well, I’ll throw in Anakin Skywalker in there.

Is Hiro’s character going to get darker?
Possibly. Every character has to grow. Hiro kind of lost his innocence in some sense so it’s kind of hard for him to gain that back. Maybe he will somehow, we don’t know. But I’ll throw in another Anakin Skywalker reference as well.

Watch the full interview here:
VIDEO: BuddyTV Interview with Masi Oka

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The new season of “Heroes” starts on Monday, Sept. 22 on NBC. Stay tuned to Star Wars Rocks for more interviews with the “Heroes” cast and crew!

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