Slave Leia Belly Dancer in Underwire Team | September 10, 2008

(Photo by Jenny Elwick)

Whenever I’m asked what one of my favorite memories of Celebration IV happens to be, I’m always quick to mention Amira, a professional belly dancer who mesmorized fans as she danced in a Slave Leia outfit. At C4, she also brought fans onstage with her to teach them the basics. It’s always amusing to watch someone dressed as Boba Fett shake and shimmy to the beat.

So it’s no surprise that Wired magazine finally caught wind of her talents and profiled Amira in Underwire. She talks about the first time she danced as SLave Leia:

“I danced in the outfit for the very first time at a Halloween show at the restaurant I perform at here in Orlando,” Amira said. “I then wore the costume to dance at a 2006 sci-fi convention in Connecticut. It was hit.”

Read the full profile here:
Belly Dancer Turns Sci-Fi Fantasies Into Career (Underwire blog)

You can watch Amira in action at C4 here:
VIDEO: Slave Leia Belly Dancing!

See more photos of Amira here:
C4: Slave Leia Bellydancing

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