Life as Yoda Team | August 26, 2008

It’s not easy being Jedi Master Yoda, but imagine if your last name actually was Yoda? Would you get instant respect from Star Wars fans or would you grow tired of everyone you meet trying to have a conversation with you in Yoda backwards speak?

Hiroko Yoda writes about what it’s like to share a last name with a green movie icon.


People think I changed my name because I’m a crazy Star Wars fan, or that I’m just kidding around. Even people who know I’m not making it up are always giving me Yoda trinkets and keychains and figures, so I had this little shrine to him going on for a while.

And then there was this latest incident with Facebook. I tried signing up like ten times, and it always rejected my name. Finally we figured out that a filter was blocking “Yoda” because it thought I was trying to register a fictional name! They finally let me sign up, but it took several days and a lot of emails. So we do occasionally have a hard time, but on the other hand, it’s nice to have a short and memorable name because people easily remember us.

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Life as Yoda (AltJapan)

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