Han Solo Cross Stitch Sampler

Bonnie Burton | August 13, 2008

(photo by Sherezada Kent)

When I first spotted the Han Solo Blaster Quote Cross Stitch by craftster and fellow Star Wars fan Sherezada Kent I was inspired to find out more. After all, it’s not every day you see a Star Wars sampler. I interviewed Sherezada about the cross stitch, how the idea came about and any tips to get other crafty fans started on their own Star Wars quotes in cross stitch.

What made you decide to do a Star Wars sampler?
Craftster.org was hosting a summer challenge, for quotes or sayings done in needlework. I’ve been really into “geek crafts” lately, especially 8-bit inspired stitching and other pop culture influenced embroidery. I felt this challenge would be the perfect chance to make my own unique, geeky stitching, so of course I thought of Star Wars! I’ve been a fan of the films pretty much all my life, so it was the natural place for me to start dabbling in fan-based crafting.

Why did you choose the blaster quote?
Heh. Funny enough, my husband and I have been playing the Knights of the Old Republic video game lately. We started it up while I was trying to decide on my contest entry. As the title of the game suggests, there’s a strong Jedi element to the plot, and I’m much more of a “blasters and bounty hunters” type of gal. I kept kiddingly grumbling about the “stupid Jedi” in the game, and it just reminded me of Han in A New Hope, lounging in the Falcon, snarking on the Force.

Thus, the idea was born. I had an image in my head of this being something Grandma and Grandpa Solo would have on their Kashyyyk cabin wall, while they rocked in hand-whittled chairs with blaster rifles over their knees. It’s pretty silly, but it’s true!

(photo by Sherezada Kent)

Have you done other Star Wars samplers?
Actually, this was my first foray into designing my own cross stitch patterns. My husband drew out the little blasters (he’s surprisingly good at pixel art!), and for the font I used a free generator at Yourpersonalizedpattern.com.

I haven’t had a chance to do any other Star Wars ones yet, though I did make a Buffy the Vampire Slayer quote sampler as a gift shortly thereafter. It’s only been a few weeks since I finished this one, but I do have some plans for my next Star Wars designs.

As a note, I’ll offer up the pattern for this sampler and any future ones on my blog here for free if anyone can show me a quick and easy template for transferring paper-and-pencil patterns to digital!

Any tips for fans who want to do Star Wars sampler for the first time?
Take your time when planning you design, and always, always double-check the measurements! It’s a lot easier — and less frustrating — to erase pencil marks from graph paper than it is to undo an entire row of stitching from the fabric because you misjudged the spacing by one square. I spent two evenings after work just drawing out the design before even beginning to stitch.

Also, if you’re going to use metallic threads (for those cool, shiny lightsaber handles and more), be patient with them. Metallics are notoriously difficult to work with, and it took me as long to stitch one lightsaber handle alone as it did to stitch a whole line of text. It’s worth it, though!

Finally — and most importantly — check your quote source! Even if you’ve seen the films a hundred times and think you know every line by heart, take the five minutes to pop in the DVD and make absolutely sure you have the quote right. All it takes is one wrong word to take the project from a clever craft to an homage to your own boneheadedness. And no one likes looking stupid — especially in cross stitch.

Why do you dig Star Wars?
Because it’s universal. Maybe it’s the creatures, maybe it’s the cool gadgets, maybe it’s the mythology, or maybe it’s the characters. There’s just something about the Star Wars universe that gets the imagination going, something that invites both children and adults in to play. It can bridge gaps between people, especially generational ones. Seriously…you want to make friends with your kid nephew? Show him your Star Wars action figure collection. You’ll be buddies for life.


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