KISS Thinks Star Wars Rocks Team | August 6, 2008

(Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick and Maul Stanley)If you’ve been to a convention, namely Star Wars Celebration IV, you might remember a rather impressive fan dressed as none other than Bananakin Skywalker, but his other alter-ego Maul Stanley has a knack for getting some awesome interviews with some of the most legendary folks in metal music. Luckily for us, he took time out to ask long-time Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick about his love for Star Wars.Here’s a few highlights:

Do you have a favorite line, moment or scene from any of the Star Wars films?
Gosh, every 5 minutes there’s another memorable scene in every one of the movies. George Lucas just knows how to create great entertainment. No doubt, when Darth Vader reveals to Luke Skywalker that he’s actually his father, that’s a very intense and powerful moment. And to see him later without his mask on… to see how freakin’ ugly Darth Vader was underneath… that was actually quite scary!

So who’s scarier under the mask, Darth Vader or Gene Simmons?
Good question! Gene can be very scary, but I’d have to say he’s still one up on Darth Vader.

What similarities do you see between the Star Wars phenomenon and the Kiss phenomenon?
Well, both Kiss and Star Wars made their big initial impact in the late ’70s. They each had their run on top before eventually evening out for a while. Then in the late ’90s, they both came back with a vengeance and the whole thing started all over again! Kiss hit it big with the reunion of the original band in makeup and George Lucas released the Special Editions of the Original Trilogy, followed by the Prequels. So I found that to be an interesting parallel.

Pop culture seems to work in 20-year cycles like that. People begin to realize how much they loved something when they were young and how much they miss it now. So then those things come back, and in the process find all new fans. That’s what blows me away about attending Kiss conventions. Even though I enjoy meeting the 40-year-old guy who’s asking me to sign his Crazy Nights album, I’m even happier to meet his 5-year-old kid who is just completely fascinated by all things Kiss. Or the teenager who is just now discovering the music on his own. With things like Kiss and Star Wars and even Star Trek, they can be shared and enjoyed by the different generations.

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