Simon Pegg Wants a Lucasfilm Gig Team | August 4, 2008

Fans of the geektastic British sitcom “Spaced” know all too well that actor Simon Pegg’s character was so destroyed by his hatred for The Phatom Menace that he lost his job. Pegg’s not much of a prequel fan either, but he hopes he can still find a way to work on “The Clone Wars” TV series.

“The second season of the show came out just after The Phantom Menace, a film which, I’m sorry to say, I found immensely disappointing,” Pegg says. “Needless to say, Tim felt the same way and in the opening episode ‘Time’ burns his Star Wars stuff on a funeral pyre. The scene recreates exactly the moment when Luke burns the body of his father at the end of Return of the Jedi. I think it reflected the feelings of many fans. For the first time ever, there was a division in a group of people that had always felt very united. Fortunately, I had an outlet for my displeasure. In one scene Tim screams at a little boy for wanting to buy a Jar Jar Binks doll. It summed up the frustration of the older fans whose expectations were so high and the innocence of the small children for whom it was a colorful and exciting film.”

Like most diehard fans, Pegg isn’t one to hold back when it comes to discussing his views on the older Star Wars films, and their contrasts with the newer prequels. “The prequels and Special Editions are probably the most-heated debate topics among Star Wars fans,” Pegg says. “When I watched Star Wars in 1977, it blew my mind and I loved it unconditionally. I never once sat there in the dark thinking, ‘This is good but what it really needs is a Jawa falling off a dinosaur in the background.’ We’re all fans here and ultimately we’re all united by the same love and I’d hate to alienate anyone, so I won’t go into huge detail about my problems with the prequels.”

According to World Entertainment News, Pegg hopes his views on the prequels won’t taint his chances to work on “The Clone Wars” TV series.

Actor Simon Pegg wants to write a new Star Wars story — if he can make friends with director George Lucas. The Shaun of the Dead star is a huge fan of the sci-fi films, but has criticised 1999 prequel movie The Phantom Menace. Now he has his heart set on working for the forthcoming TV series of the legendary franchise – but fears he has made himself an enemy of the production company with his comments. Pegg says, “I might try to wheedle my way back into the affections of Lucasfilm (Lucas’ production company) and write an episode of the new live action Star Wars TV series.”

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