DIY Master Yoda Cake

Bonnie Burton | July 8, 2008

(Yoda cake by Mikkel Mihlrad)

When we spotted this Force-tastic cake of Yoda made by Mikkel Mihlrad for the Star Wars Weekends (at Disney’s Hollywood Studios) cast and crew wrap party, we had to know more about it.

Why did you decide to make a Yoda cake for the party?
The special event Yoda was created for was the Star Wars Weekends wrap party. My fiancee, Jason Surrell, was one of the show producers of the event.

What is the cake made from?
Yoda’s head is sculptued Cocoa Krispies (like Rice Krispie treats), as are his hands, feet and walking stick. His body is sculpted layers of cake. Chocolate is Jason’s favorite, so the cake is a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling. The entire cake was covered in chocolate buttercream and then with fondant (which I make from scratch so it’s essentially a marshmallow and confectioner’s sugar mixture).

Why Yoda and not another Star Wars character?
Jason actually suggested Yoda because he is George Lucas’s favorite character and symbolizes the entire Star Wars galaxy. I’ve previously made two other Star Wars cakes. My first was a stormtrooper helmet for Jason’s birthday this past year, which was my first sculpted cake. My second was Darth Vader’s helmet, my second sculpted cake. (See photos below — You can tell the second was better than the first attempt at sculpting!)

(Stormtrooper cake by Mikkel Mihlrad)

What was the reaction you got from folks who saw the cake?
They were amazed! No one believed it was a cake you could actually eat. That’s the nature of what the hobby/business entails though. Create, eat, create, eat!

Any plans to make another Star Wars cake?
Yes, of course! They’re very popular and my fiance is a huge fan. I’m going to make an extra special one for his 40th birthday in two years but I cannot reveal what that cake will be. (Jason is going to read this and I try to surprise him!) And of course, if Lucasfilm wants to commission me, I’m currently searching for employment (ha ha).

(Darth Vader cake by Mikkel Mihlrad)

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