Star Wars Hobo Mail Art

Bonnie Burton | June 6, 2008

(Envelope art by Adam Koford — Ape Lad)

I sure miss getting regular old-fashioned mail. In an age where everyone communicates through texting and email, it seems that Mail Art is becoming a lost … well… art.

So I asked artist and illustrator Adam Koford (also known on the Internets as Ape Lad) if he’d be interested in a mail art swap with me, and lo and behold this masterpiece arrived today.

Adam is known for his own creation — The Laugh-Out-Loud Cats — as well as a fascination with hobos. So he merged those characters with a few Star Wars characters you might recognize acting as hobos in this set of images below.

Check out the Star Wars Mail Art Flickr Set here.

I’m still deciding what Star Wars Mail Art I’ll be sending Adam as a response but you can bet I’ll be using weird cartoony portraits, collage art, and rubberstamps!


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