May the Font Be With You Team | May 15, 2008

darthbold3.jpg recently posted some unusual Star Wars artwork constructed from bolds, italics, punctuations, and other hunt and peck fare. Inspired by a line from Star Wars – “Darth Vader. Only you could be so bold” – the artist composed a striking portrait of the Sith Lord using various letters and symbols found on the keyboard:

I started out trying to literally depict [the Vader/Leia] scene from Star Wars using letterforms, intending to use bold letters for Vader and light letters for Princess Leia. I loved the idea of the @ sign filling in for Leia’s hair bun. But after a few attempts I concluded that I’m no LIDA when it comes to making art from letters. I just couldn’t get the fabric to look like fabric without making the entire thing out of parentheses and tildes of various sizes. And that kind of misses the point. The letter “M” sort of did what I wanted, but not really. It’s too rigid.

Check out the full post here.

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