Dark Lord of the Dessert

Bonnie Burton | May 13, 2008

When I first spotted the yummy-looking Star Wars cupcakes made by fan Kati Peck, I had to know how she made them! Not only does Kati pay homage to the dark side in a rather tasty way, she also makes cupcakes that celebrate her fandom for another cult-classic — “Lost.”

Here’s some tips from Kati on how to make your own tasty tributes.

What’s the step-by-step process in how you made those awesome Darth Vader and lightsaber cupcakes in case fans want to make some of their own?

The cupcakes are your basic chocolate cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting (since it is the dark side) and white ball sprinkles. The helmets and lightsabers are made out of fondant which you can buy at most craft stores on the cake decorating aisle. I was going to try to cut the helmets out by hand but I remembered that I had a miniature bell cookie cutter so I used my pliers and reshaped it into Darth Vader’s helmet. I have way more use for Darth Vader’s helmet cookie cutters than I do a bell anyways. I then used the smallest cake decorating tip I have and piped on his features with royal icing.

To make the lightsabers I just rolled out the red fondant into logs and cut them to the right length. After they had set for about 20 minutes I flattened a small piece of black fondant and wrapped it around the base to make the handle of the lightsaber. I then added red shimmer dust to the lightsaber and put them on the cupcakes.

Why did you decide to bake Star Wars cupcakes?

My friends son’s birthday is this week and he was wanting cupcakes to take to school so he asked if I would make some cupcakes. Knowing he loves Darth Vader I wanted to do something along those lines.

You also have a really fun selection of cupcakes dedicated to the TV show “Lost,” what inspired you to make them?

My husband and I are huge “Lost” fans and we were talking about how cool it would be to make a smoke monster cupcake and how we would do it. Then we saw cotton candy makers for sale and decided that that was the perfect way to make edible smoke monsters. We have also decided that Ben went into that room to turn on his cotton candy maker when he released the smoke monster on the commandos from the freighter.

What do you have planned for your next cupcake tribute?

My next cupcake tribute may be an army of stormtroopers to back up Darth Vader! There are so many different characters to pick from. I also feel like I should probably do a Jedi to bring about more balance to the Force. Maybe Yoda’s head with crossed green light sabers.

Check out all of Kati Peck’s cool cupcake creations here.

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