Star Wars Mixology 101

Bonnie Burton | May 12, 2008

Ever since Luke and Obi-Wan set foot in the Mos Eisley Cantina with its gruff bartender slinging exotic concoctions, fans have been wondering what exactly all those bar patrons were guzzling down. Of course, some of us were even further intrigued when we spotted Bea Arthur playing the resident bar mixologist Ackmena in the Star Wars Holiday Special.

According to our trusty Databank, Mos Eisley Cantina is “a high-tech, if outdated, set-up capable of synthesizing virtually any known drink in the sector. The mixing computer knows 16,000 recipes.”

Sadly, I don’t have access to those 16,000 recipes, but thanks to Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments from the Rim by Simon Smith and Eric Trautmann (published by West End Games in 1993) fans can get a glimpse of some of the more obscure cocktails enjoyed in a galaxy far, far away.

Here’s a sampling:

Renan Irongut: This drink is named simply enough after what you need to drink it. Tradition has it that the potion also makes a potent rust remover. However, as this drink costs around three to five credits a shot, it’s much cheaper to buy real rust remover and use that; so far no-one has gotten around to testing the brewer’s claims.

Elshandruu Pica Thundercloud: This mixed drink has been likened to watching a starfighter flying towards you from the horizon: you can see it coming… you see it flash overhead … there is a brief pause … followed by an almighty and completely unexpected explosion of sound as the shockwave passes. The name “thundercloud” arose because the active ingredients of the drink produce a “fizzy” effect which creates a miniature cloud of ionized gas above the mouth of the serving glass. Most establishments serve this drink in a container that fires tiny microshocks into the cloud, simulating an electrical storm.

Daranu: Another obscure drink, this time from Parein II 4 in Sarin Sector. Daranu is made from a local fruit called Terrberries and certain spicy nuts, and is fermented in drilled, scooped-out hardnut shells from Parein Sweetgreen Fruit. It is rich, refreshing, warming, and hits you like a well-aimed blaster shot about half an hour later.

The Reactor Core: Many hardened drinkers claim that this beverage should only be available by prescription, mainly because of the quantity of narcotic agents that are released by mixing Spice Liqueur and Blue Tonic. The people who drink it claim that this is complete nonsense, no narcotic agents are released and … by the way, did you know you’ve just turned into a lampstand?

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