Star Wars at Maker Faire

Bonnie Burton | May 5, 2008

Every year mad scientists, robot builders, power tool drag racers, craftsters, and other DIY guys and gals gather together at the San Mateo County Fairgrounds for one of the coolest events in the Bay Area — the Maker Faire!

This year there were plenty of fun things for Star Wars fans to see and do — including crafts, R2-D2 dancing, prop displays, the LEGO Jeep, Steampunk contraptions and more!

Last year, showed fans how to Make Yoda Dolls, so this year I figured it would be fun to show fans how to Make Star Wars Marble Magnets!

Not only did we have a blast making magnets of our favorite characters, but the R2 Builders stopped by with R2-D2 as a little inspiration. One 2-year old fan made R2-D2 a magnet of himself and placed it right on his dome for safe keeping.

As we worked on magnets, R2-D2 kept getting more and more admirers taking photos with him and DANCING! In fact, take a look at this cute video of R2-D2 and his impromptu dance party here:

VIDEO: R2 Dancing at Maker Faire 2008

The Star Wars Marble Magnet tutorial was such a hit with parents and kids that we were awarded the Editor’s Choice Blue Ribbon! So thanks for coming out to craft with us!

In addition to the Star Wars crafts and R2-D2 sightings, fans could also check out the display of Star Wars costume replicas made by the 501st Legion and the Rebel Alliance. And of course, there were also many non-Star Wars robots at the event including some that breathed fire, battled other bots, amused kids, and destroyed large wooden objects.

The upcoming Steampunk contingency did their thing by showing off their gear-and-goggle saturated fashions, guitars, other fantastical contraptions and even a mobile house called the Neverwas Haul.

Another fun activity was the LEGO Jeep where fans could decorate the vehicle brick by brick! Every time I passed it, there was a new crowd of kids adding LEGOs to create an interesting tricked-out design.

We had a blast meeting crafty fans at Maker Faire and can’t wait to see what everyone ends up doing next year. One thing’s for sure, R2-D2 is invited to all of our crafting events from here on out!

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